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ContractDesk has a variety of products and services to meet your needs. Please note that while our more popular products are listed on this page, there are other products ContractDesk offers that may not appear, or be considered a part of one of these products. If you have any special requests, or are interested in any product, please Contact Us.

Case Files Management

Does your organization or practice have case files? If so, our Case File Management software can help track the status of your cases, automatically remind you of upcoming events, and keep track of both your physical and electronic documents. Whether you are a law enforcement agent, physician, or accountant -- if you manage cases our software will assist you.

Mailing List Software

Our online newsletter interface gives your organization direct control over its email lists. Creating interest-specific email lists will allow your organization to send mailings targeted to specific interest groups. A feature for the users of the online newsletter interface is the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe to multiple newsletters on a single web page. A user selects from a list of available newsletters by choosing the corresponding checkbox. This allows your organization's administrative user to have a single location where they can choose any combination of online newsletters to receive. In addition, your organization uses the Newsletter as a reminder service to various programs about services and promote upcoming activities and articles being published.

  • Create and manage newsletter content in both HTML and text
  • Send out newsletters at a specific date and time
  • Message personalization (subscriber information, etc.)
  • User-controlled vacation (suspension) support.
  • Create unlimited number of mailing lists
  • Statistics updated real-time
  • No size limit on mailing lists.
  • Easy-to-read summary information
  • No charge per mail-out, email, or subscriber. Unlimited.
  • Web accessible archived newsletters can be made available to end-users
  • Edit list names and subscriber email addresses
  • Ability to re-send a previous mail-out (including correction capability)
  • Control which subscriber receives which newsletters
  • Automatic archival of mail-outs
  • Receipt Confirmation
  • Public and Private lists. Public lists are accessible on the website in the subscription center.
  • Supports dynamic creation of lists from any ODBC compliant database.
  • Automatic Bounce handling
  • Multiple (Configurable) retries per email address
  • Blacklist support - Never accidentally email someone again!

Asset Tracking

Whether your business is housed in an office, warehouse, or manufacturing facility, tracking your assets is more important than ever. Just making sure your assets are not stolen is no longer enough; you need to know where they are. ContractDesk's combination of hardware and software tracks your assets at all times.

Know where that projector, laptop, or part is -- don't just guess!

Office Examples
  • View the history, including the last time, someone entered a supply closet.
  • View the current locations of laptop computers, file cabinets, and other valuable office equipment.
  • Have a laptop computer automatically report its location, or remove sensitive data the next time it is turned on.
Warehouse Examples
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing inventory.
  • Have orders automatically placed when inventory is low.
  • Receive automatic notifications when inventory is relocated to an incorrect zone.
  • Design custom workflows to ensure inventory passes through correct steps prior to shipment.
  • Detect incorrect items on a shipment.
  • Create escalation procedures to ensure problems are addressed in a timely manner.
Warehouse Examples
  • Keep track of where a product is during manufacturing or assembly.
  • Ensure product is not misplaced.
  • Set automatic timers to ensure products reach certain stages withing a designated time.
  • Designate email recipients to receive alerts when product is in one zone for too long.
  • View detailed transaction logging and reports help ensure repeated problems can be tracked and resolved.

Workflow Management

Every action in an organization can be broken down into one or more processes. Documenting and enforcing these processes can be taxing on any organization. ContractDesk's workflow management software can help by allowing the organization to control workflows via an easy-to-use web-accessible interface. Your processes can be modified on a daily basis, allowing for better refinement.

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Chloris - Your Environmental Compliance Monitor

Monitor your agency's or organization's environmental habits. With Chloris you can monitor your green purchase habits, your compliance with the latest environmental requirements and executive orders. Here is just a small sample of what you can do with Chloris:

  • Track waste usage and waste diversion by office or facility
  • Track overall energy usage and the amount diverted using alternative energy sources (solar, wind, hydro., etc.)
  • Rollup reports allow data to be entered by individual offices, facilities, or even contractors and rolled up into an agency-wide report
  • Mult-level access control allows for users to have access to only the areas they require, and managers to see the "bigger picture."
  • Integration with existing purchase systems (such as the FPDS) allows for minimized data entry
  • Goals allow both facilities and the parent agency/organization to meet and exceed targeted environmental concerns:
    • Offices or facilities can set their own goals while also viewing goals set by the parent agency or organization
    • The agency/organization can view and monitor goals by each office/facility and also overall goals for the entire agency/organization
    • Individuals can be nominated for special recognition (directly through the Chloris interface) of meeting goals and achievements
  • Report creation and submission:
    • Automatic creation and submission of the OFEE report
    • Automatic creation and submission of the OMB environmental report
    • Reports can be run at any time (ex: quarterly) to check status of meeting executive orders
    • Ad-hoc reporting allows for the creation of customized reports to meet your organization's/agency's internal needs
  • Email notifications can be sent via triggered events, such as meeting a goal

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