Network Security

Do you know your Network's Topology Risks? Are you able analyze and prioritize your network risks in order to respond? ContractDesk integrates Topology Risk Analysis into your current network topology to interpret vulnerability remediation.

ContractDesk uses multiple methods to determine the topology of a network and then provide a risk analysis report that shows where vulnerabilities are found within your organization. These vulnerabilities are then scored by combining your organizations value of the asset and the ability of the vulnerability to do damage on the asset. This risk assessment creates a prioritization of the vulnerabilities within your organization which enable your technical team to respond to the most exposed assets.

Network Topology

A Network Topology defines the arrangement of all the elements on a network. This includes both physical and logical connections between network nodes. Analyzing this topology helps to discover weaknesses and possible sources of attack.

Defining and documenting your organization's topology isn't enough. A Risk Analysis should be performed to map your network topology to known or suspected risks. With this analysis, a matrix of potential risks, affected nodes, and recommended actions can be produced.

Policy Integration

After the Network Topology yielded a successful Risk Analysis, the resulting matrix can be used to help determine network policy. By analyzing the risks associated with various nodes and connections, an effective policy can be produced on what devices, applications, and connection types should be attached to the network.

Often, organizations make a grave mistake by attempting to create arbitrary policies without using a Risk Analysis as a basis. Doing so often creates undo hardships on users, and can cause confusion and a general feeling that security is impeding work without valid reasons. Documented policies based on risk analysis ensure that the entire organization understands "why" policies are in place, which reduces frustration.

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