Document Storage

Every organization has them: records or documents that are no longer regularly used, but must be kept -- Just-in-Case. Or maybe your organization wishes to keep copies of documents on-site, but wishes to keep the originals in a safe secure storage facility. Either way, ContractDesk has storage solutions to meet your needs.

Online Storage

Often used in conjunction with ContractDesk's Scanning Services, Online Storage allows instant access to electronic versions of documents and records your organization has. Only storing documents locally on your own network can be risky. A computer crash, building fire, or even malace intent by an employee can all put your important documents at risk.

ContractDesk uses state-of-art redundant digital storage solutions to ensure that your documents are always available, 24/7. Digital documents stored at ContractDesk are stored at two different physical location and are synched daily. Remove the stress of worrying if your IT support staff backed up and remotely stored your documents recently. Let us worry about it for you!

Quick-Access Storage

Need to keep documents or files ready for quick access? Our Washington, D.C. storage facility can retrieve documents or files for you within hours of your request. We will even deliver the files directly to you. This service is especially appreciated by Law Firms who sometimes require quick access to past files.

Not in the D.C. area? We have affiliates at many other locations, just ask us!

Catastrophe and Nuclear Fallout Protection

Have sensitive documents or magnetic media? Our nuclear rated fall-out storage facility can help protect your most prized assets at a reasonable cost. At additional cost, we can even provided seperate vaulted rooms for you priceless storage needs.

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